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FAQ page

Welcome to the Road Safety Audit Toolkit general questions and answers section. We hope you will find this useful for any queries you may have.

If you don't find the answer to your question below, or have any comments/suggestions, please email us. Please provide your name, organisation and contact details with any comments.

Additional contact details may be found via the Contact link at the top of the page.
Thank you for taking the time to improve the Road Safety Audit Toolkit.

Q   If I use this on-line tool, do I still need to complete a Road Safety auditing course?

A   Road Safety Audit Toolkit is not a replacement for the Road Safety Auditing course. Rather it is a tool to assist effective and efficient completion of road safety audits. Your state road authority should be able to advise you when the next Road Safety Auditing course is being held.

Q   I wish to access the RSA Toolkit website, but don't know how

A   Send an email to advising that you would like an account created. An account (including username and password) can then be created for you.

Q   I have forgotten my RSA Toolkit account password

A   Send an email to advising that you have lost your password. Your password can then be emailed back to you, or a new password created for your account.

Q   Do I need to include recommendations for each issue identified?

A   Yes. Every time a road safety issue is identified, a comment or recommendation about the issue should be provided. The RSA Toolkit system will prompt you to provide a comment or recommendation if you do identify a road safety issue (by selecting 'no' for that checklist question).

Q   Sometimes questions/issues are duplicated in the checklist questions

A   The checklist questions are as per the Austroads Guide to Road Safety – Part 6: Road Safety Audit (2009). These checklists are comprehensive and are at times repetitive, to ensure all issues are covered (as best possible).

Q   The format of the reports is not suitable

A   The reports are produced in a basic HMTL format. Text from reports may be copied and pasted into word processing or spreadsheet applications (e.g. MS Word or MS Excel).  This enables information generated in reports to be incorporated into other work, or have an organisational template or style applied.

Q   Can others view my audits?

A   Yes, you are able to view audits created by other users within your organisation (however not those from people from other organisations).

Q   Can others edit my audits?

A   No (except for audits created under a group account). You may edit or delete any audit you have created. However, you are not able to edit or delete audits created by others, even if employed within the same organisation. Note: for audits created under a group account, audits may be edited or deleted by any user in that group (i.e. sharing the username).

Q   Can I set up a group account, so that multiple people from my organisation can access and edit audits?

A   Yes, group accounts can be created. These have a common username, and multiple passwords.

Q   Can I copy an audit from my account to another?

A   Yes. Send an email to if you would like to transfer an audit from your organisation to another.

Q   Is there a spell-checking facility on the website?

A   No, there is no spell checking facility on the RSA Toolkit website. However, if you view the RSA Toolkit website using Mozilla Firefox 2.0, this browser has spell checking built in. Of course, once you complete an audit stage, you can import the text into a word processing application with a built in spell-checking facility.

Q   Where do I find more information about conducting road safety audits?

A   Your state road authority should be able to advise you when the next Road Safety Auditing course is being held. The Austroads Guide to Road Safety – Part 6: Road Safety Audit (2009) may be purchased online through the Austroads website


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